Spigen LG V30 Case Rugged Armor Extra


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Rp 240.000


The all-new Rugged Armor Extra™ embodies streamlined design with supreme drop protection. All areas prone to impact are guarded with extra raise with what we are known to do best - minimum bulk. The simple layer is packed with shock-absorbency to leave important features contact-free and others, like the fingerprint sensor, completely accessible. Its back is styled with a combination of Hexacomb and gloss details to add to its dynamic look. Amp up on durability without the bulk with Rugged Armor Extra™.

  • Signature matte TPU layer with carbon fiber and gloss detailing
  • Raised edges aim to leave the screen and camera contact-free
  • Tactile buttons ensure quick responsiveness with original feel
  • Compatible with Spigen NeoFlex screen protector
  • Indented fingerprint sensor cutout for easy feel and quick access