Spigen LG V30 Case Liquid Crystal


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Rp 240.000


Display the all-new LG V30 in all its glory while guarding it from everyday scratches and dents. Liquid Crystal™ provides drop protection with Air Cushion® Technology and a material that is shock-absorbent in nature. It is made of a flexible TPU layer with watermark-resistance thanks to a line of dot matrix. The fingerprint sensor is easy to locate with a cutout engineered with precision. Defend your phone with the Liquid Crystal-for subtle protection.

  • Lightweight and flexible material displays device with clarity
  • Single, flexible layer provides hassle-free application
  • Tactile buttons to ensure quick responsiveness and haptic feedback
  • Indented fingerprint sensor cutout for easy accessibility
  • Air Cushion® Technology in all corners for shock absorbency