Spigen Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G / Note 10 Case Core Armor


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Rp 270.000


1. The Spigen Core Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus Case is a soft flexible TPU cover designed for protection, without unnecessary bulk. The TPU cover provides supreme durability and shock protection for your phone, so you can use your Samsung Note 10/10 Plus with peace of mind.  

2. The Samsung Note 10/10 Plus has a distinctive and timeless design, so you'll want a case that preserves this look while offering protection from scratches, scrapes and minor impacts. Each Spigen Core Armor case has been expertly designed to be as thin as possible without sacrificing protection and made to perfectly follow the contours of your phone, preserving as much of the original appearance as possible

3. The Spigen Core Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus features a soft to the touch design for a pleasing feel, while also ensuring a comfortable grip with the premium matte finish - reducing the chances of dropping your phone.

4. The case optimises functionality to all of the devices ports and features. The TPU case features button covers, while the headphone port, charging port, and camera are left open for easy use.