Soft Case iPad air 4 10.9 Inch ESR Project Zero Slim Matte Casing


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Rp 199.000


Case untuk iPad Air 4 10.9 inch.

Desain nya simple, hanya back cover saja. Terbuat dari TPU (soft) dengan tekstur matte.

Jadi tidak bening clear, tetapi clear matte (doff)

- COMPATIBILITY: Designed exclusively for the 10.9 inch iPad Air 4 (2020). Not compatible with any other iPad models.
- CLEAR & MATTE: The clear matte look keeps the logo visible and fingerprints off.
- USER-FRIENDLY: Precise cutouts and easy-to-press button covers keep you iPad easy-to-use.
- SLIM & LIGHT: The lightweight back-shell design protects your iPad without adding bulk.
- SOFT & STRONG: The flexible rubber-like material is durable without leaving a scratch on your iPad.