Zenus iPhone 4/4S Case Air Bumper Mask Series - White/Black


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Rp 220.000

Rp 140.000


iPhone 4/4S Air Bumper Mask is Zenus's New Bumper Line product with revolutionary design concept compared to the traditional bumper style cases. Instead protecting just the sides, Asymmetric also protects the camera and the flash with mask shaped cover. Zenus Air Bumper Mask is meant for the true minimalists by offering form-fitting, low-profile design. Case also features removable/interchangeable top and bottom covers for practically unlimited color combination with ease in installation.

  • 3D designed case with excellent fit with the iPhone 4/4S
  • Strong polycarbonate with supreme durability
  • Interchangeable covers for personal color combination
  • Complete all around protection
  • Unique design with masked camera and flash