Zenus Prestige Bar Genuine Leather iPhone 4/4S - Black/Red


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Rp 350.000

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Zenus 'Prestige' Bar Type Genuine Leather Case for iPhone 4 will give you the Zenus' luxurious style, along with 4 colors to choose from, which will fully satisfy your taste of style. Its sustainability, creativity, and practically refined design will suggest a refreshed style for your iPhone.


  • Customized molds allow the phone to fit perfectly, and the genuine leather offers a modern style.
  • The position and size of all the buttons and holes can easily be recognized, which allows the user to feel comfort when utilizing the phone.
  • Genuine leather of the highest quality will give the user the slim soft touch and provide the optimum protection for the phone.
  • True to the iPhone 4 design, the case provides a good grip, feel, and excellence in protection for the phone.

Size & Weight

  • 2.51 x 4.72 x 0.51 inch / 0.63 oz

Designed by ZENUS