Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Neo Hybrid Metal


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Rp 440.000


The Neo Hybrid Metal case for your Galaxy S6 protects the device with metallic bravado for a stylistically memorable and defining experience. High quality anti-stretch TPU features exterior and interior patterns for extra grip and shock dispersion while fitting tightly on the device. Premium aluminum is diamond-cut for an attractive metal bumper that wraps neatly around the TPU to add protection while maintaining a sleek profile. Metal buttons add on to style while delivering tactile button usage. 

  • Dia-cut aluminum bumper adds style and reinforced protection
  • Tactile metal buttons create an easy fluid press
  • Dual layer = shock-absorbing TPU case + metal bumper
  • Patterned TPU for added style and comfortable grip
  • Raised lip of 1.2mm protects screen