OtterBox Armor iPhone 4/4S - Neon


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The Armor Series waterproof iPhone 4/4S case has been tested to be submersed underwater at 6.6 feet for 30 minutes, withstand a 10 foot drop, allow zero entry of dust or debris and sustain 2 tons of crushing force all while maintaining full functionality of your iPhone. These testing parameters make the Armor Series waterproof case for the iPhone 4/4S The Toughest Case Ever Built.

High strength-reinforced plastic, exterior and interior over-molded bumpers, an interior silicone bed, corrosion-resistant metal latches, a built-in screen protector and vents and port covers fuse to make the toughest waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof case for the iPhone 4/4S.


  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPhone 4S


  • Internal and external over-molded bumpers protect the edges and corners of the iPhone 4/4S from drops
  • Locking metal latches fasten the two halves of the case together to create a watertight seal
  • Interior silicone cushioning provides a custom fit to ensure consistent performance
  • Precision openings allow full functionality of the camera and flash through the Armor Series case


  • Heavy-duty reinforced plastic is designed for long term use and can withstand crushing force
  • Built-in screen protector is bonded into the case to prevent scratches to the glass display and deters smudges and fingerprints
  • Vent covers are made from a non-permeable membrane and mesh layer that lets sound out but nothing else gets in

Weight & Dimensions

  • Approximate weight without device: 120 g / 4.23 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.14 in x 2.94 in x 0.82 in / 13.06 cm x 7.47 cm x 2.08 cm

Environmental Protection:

The Armor Series waterproof case for iPhone 4/4S has been tested to be submersed underwater for 30 minutes at 6.6 feet, survive a 10 foot drop, allow zero dust or debris entry and endure 2 tons of crushing force. The Armor Series iPhone 4/4S case is not waterproof when the charging port or headphone jack are in use.

Patents Pending