Boostcase Snap On Case iPhone 4/4S - Purple


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Rp 190.000

Rp 120.000


Slim-fitting and stylish, these durable snap-on cases will keep your iPhone safe and secure, without interfering with any of the important bits. Plus, with the wide selection of gorgeous colours available, you can put a rainbow to shame.

As one part of the mighty Boostcase hybrid duo, they’re totally compatible but we felt that the standalone Boostcase Snap-On Case deserved its own page. So if you’re looking to get some additional battery power as well as a snazzy new outfit for your phone, just head on over to the Boostcase main page.

Special Offer

If you buy at once with the Boostcase Hybrid Snap-Case and Detachable Extended Battery for iPhone 4/4S, you are eligible for special price for this case, ONLY Rp. 160.000,-