Boostcase Hybrid Snap-Case and Detachable Extended Battery for iPhone 4/4S - White


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Boostcase Hybrid is a patent pending and innovations award winning battery case for iPhone 4 & 4S made up of a unique two-piece design because nobody wants to have a bulky case on their iPhone all the time. It has a minimal slim-fit and lightweight protective case that can stay on the iPhone at all times and an optional snap-on extended battery pack that when used can double battery life for iPhone 4 & 4S.

Boostcase Hybrid has distinct advantages over other single-piece iPhone battery extenders. First, the Hybrid has a removable battery, so you only need to make space for it when you know your going to need the extra power, and second since its modular, you can mix and match the style to your liking. Batteries are available in matte black or glossy white, while the half-ounce cases come in a variety of vibrantly attractive colors including blue, red, pink, gunmetal, black, yellow, white, purple, or peach making a total of 16 possible color combinations. Each Hybrid comes bundled with one battery case and one Pair case while extra Pair cases colors can be purchased separately so you can continue to change up your style.

Double Battery Life

The Boostcase Hybrid includes a detachable battery pack that is lightweight at only 2 ounces despite its maximum capacity 1900mAh battery hidden inside an ultra-thin durable casing, all-in-all enough to double the battery life of the iPhone 4 or 4S. The extended battery has fully functional set of features including power on/off so you can decide when or when not to have power, battery level indication so you can check power remaining at any time, and pass through syncing so that you don’t need to remove the battery to sync with iTunes. The extra battery can be charged separately or with the iPhone together via the included micro USB cable and either the iPhone original wall plug or any other USB power source.

Simple Intuitive Design

The Boostcase Hybrid is made up of two parts, but couldn’t be easier to use. Just keep the inner case on the iPhone so its as slim and stylish as possible most of the time, then when you run out of power simply slide on the battery pack to the rear of the case until the iPhone fully recharges, remove the battery pack again when it’s no longer needed and just like that you are back to the slim profile. Buy any other battery case on the market and that’s not an option: with other products you either need to keep your iPhone bulky the whole time, or take the entire case off when you don’t need it, leaving your device unprotected.

Ultra Slim Protection

The protective case portion of the Boostcase Hybrid slim fit snap-on case fits snugly around your iPhone 4 or 4S. It’s not only lightweight, adding only 14 grams onto the iPhone’s bulk, but also made of a soft-touching durable plastic that protects against most drops.